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 To what extent and how does this film or author warn against the limits of genetics science ?

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Ieki D. Kitaike-D.
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MessageSujet: To what extent and how does this film or author warn against the limits of genetics science ?   Mar 9 Oct - 13:26


Gattaca is a movie written and directed by Andrew Niccol and produced by Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher in 1997. This is an American Science-Fiction movie mostly inspired by A Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley in 1932. It deals with Eugenics which is the science methods of improving the genetic composition of the human race by selective breeding.

Vincent is a natural selection child. His brother, Anton is the product of genetic breeding. During his childhood Anton was better, faster and smartest than Vincent. But Vincent don't accept is destiny: die prematurely because of his heart condition. He train hard to become Jerome. He used Jerome's DNA who was an Olympic swimming champion who was injured and paralyzed. Jerome want help someone with his name, but in exchange he have to pay his rent. Everything works like a charm, Vincent who is now Jerome is one of the best element of Gattaca Institute, but someone died in the institute and Vincent's eyelash is discovered by investigators. He is identified as an in-valid person. He has to runa way from the inspectors before he go in the space.

We can link this movie with our notion The Idea of Progress wich is the fact of improving something, or an advance on a development. This is the case of Eugenics. Gattaca illustrate the definition of Eugenics, because Anton is the result of it, like most of people in the Gattaca Institute except Irene and Vincent. But with this movie we can see that sometimes science is not the an absolute truth. Even if Anton is a product of improving of humankind, Vincent is better than him because he want to outperform himself everytime. Moreover, it warn us against the limits of genetics science, because we see in the extract that sometimes people wants to allow a chance to nature like Vincent's parents. Besides selective breeding is a source of discrimination against valid people (who have no flaws) and in-valids people.

Benjamin: In my opinion the extract reveals about the limits and risks of genetic science, moreover, it make me feel confident about people’s point of view about it. I guess it’s not for our time, we aren’t ready to do eugenics in a massive production like in the movie.
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To what extent and how does this film or author warn against the limits of genetics science ?
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