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Hello dear listener, and thank you for purchasing this audio guide on the Red Scare, it will concern the idea of power in the United States. The first document we will present to you is an excerpt from Leaving Home: A Hollywood Blacklisted written by Anne Edwards in 2012, as well as a propaganda poster that illustrates the text. The text refers to the Red Scare as well as Maccarthism which is the fear of communism and espionage by the Soviet Union. He mentions a Hollywood blacklist by the government that is under Joseph McCarthy's administration.

It deals with The Hollywood Blacklist episode that happen just after the second World War. It happen during the second red scare, just at the beginning of the Cold War. During this episode, in 1947, many directors, actors or screenwriters were accused of sympathy with the communist party, so they were blacklisted by the American Government. This blacklist episode of the film industry was very important in showing the fear of the expansion of communism in the USA during the Cold War. The assumption of potential sympathy with the communists for some of the big names in the film industry like Charlie Chaplin also shows a fear of the government on the influence that art can bring to the people.
 We can see this blacklist in this document, because we learn that people turned their backs on longtime friends and coworkers.
As for the propaganda poster mentioned earlier, we have no information on the author, the date of creation and the title are unknown. It's a political cartoon wich is depicting Joseph wich wear the American Flag, and hold a list of potential suspects about communism.

The second document is a motion picture named "Duck And Cover" made by Jake Hughes in 1951. This nine minute motion picture is destinated to wide-eyed students and explain , with the aid of an illustrated turtle, how to protect oneself from the burning flash of an enemy atomic bomb. The presentation of “Duck and Cover”’s content is formatted specifically for a school-aged audience. This is most evident in the opening scene, which introduces the iconic cartoon character of Bert the Turtle. While a catchy jingle encourages children to mimic his actions, Bert, who wears an air-raid warden’s tin helmet, retreats into his shell any time danger threatens. “Duck and Cover” simplifies the harmful effects of an atom bomb so that its young viewers might understand the ways it could hurt or kill them. The film also stresses the importance of obeying all authority figures.

Unfortunately, this is already the end of our guide, we hope with all our heart that you enjoyed your visit to the museum, do not hesitate to come back and visit it, we also have a whole section dedicated to Pearl Harbor, or on Independence Day, so feel free to visit it. As well as go through the goodies section. See you next time!

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